Sunday, August 19, 2007


Today, I'll probably play single or double. I'll bet against the team that I support. I don't do that often, but today, I'll do it. I want to protect myself from headache, if Rafa Benitez's Livepool wins than I'll probably get some money, if Mourinho's Chelsea wins than I'll be pretty much happy. So, somehow, I win in both cases. ;)
Also, I think that its time for Manchester United to win their first game in the new season. Many important players won't start for Man U. but even in such situation, i strongly believe that they can beat they neighbours.
Fulham screw up yesterdays betting pretty much. Later in the evening, I was a bit lucky so I managed to get Fulham's money back.
Good luck to all. Comments as usual, are welcomed. Cheers.
  • Liverpool - Chelsea 1 2.60 (WilHil) 2.50 (Sporlife)
  • Manchester City - Manchester United 2 1.90 (WilHil) 1.85 (Sportlife)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mourinho waits on Essien injury

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien
Essien scored the winner in the match against Birmingham
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is waiting for news on a knee injury suffered by Michael Essien after the midfielder scored the winner against Birmingham.

The Ghana star was substituted with 21 minutes remaining of Sunday's 3-2 win.

"It was something in the knee ligament. He was in pain, I had two midfielders on the bench so I made the change immediately," said Mourinho.

"If you asked me, I would say I do not know if he will be fit for Wednesday's match against Reading."

John K
Essien's winner came as Chelsea set a new English record of 64 unbeaten home matches in the top flight.

Mourinho enjoyed some positive news as Didier Drogba came off the bench after missing the Community Shield match against Manchester United because of injury, while Claude Makelele and Paulo Ferreira are expected to train on Monday.