Sunday, August 19, 2007


Today, I'll probably play single or double. I'll bet against the team that I support. I don't do that often, but today, I'll do it. I want to protect myself from headache, if Rafa Benitez's Livepool wins than I'll probably get some money, if Mourinho's Chelsea wins than I'll be pretty much happy. So, somehow, I win in both cases. ;)
Also, I think that its time for Manchester United to win their first game in the new season. Many important players won't start for Man U. but even in such situation, i strongly believe that they can beat they neighbours.
Fulham screw up yesterdays betting pretty much. Later in the evening, I was a bit lucky so I managed to get Fulham's money back.
Good luck to all. Comments as usual, are welcomed. Cheers.
  • Liverpool - Chelsea 1 2.60 (WilHil) 2.50 (Sporlife)
  • Manchester City - Manchester United 2 1.90 (WilHil) 1.85 (Sportlife)

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