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Mourinho za Cristiano Ronaldo

"Bio je to jedan od njegovih pogodaka, genijalan u svakom smislu. Uostalom, on igra da pokaže svijetu svoj ogromni talent, no nažalost, svaki put mi je iznova teško gledati kako je nezaštićen",

"Ne štite ga suci na travnjaku, a nikako se ne reagira na krajnje nesportsko uzvikivanje s tribina, kao što su radili domaći navijači. No, za jedne vrijede neka pravila, za druga ne. Neki treneri mogu sve, drugi ništa i to je tako."

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mourinho on Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has insisted star player Cristiano Ronaldo is “untouchable” and that there is no harder working player than the Portuguese.

CR7 has came under heavy criticism this season for his lack of finesse in front of goal, with los Blancos stumbling to 0-0 draws versus Mallorca and Levante so far in their league campaign.

However, speaking to journalist’s yesterday evening, the Portuguese coach defended his player, saying: “There are players who are untouchable. Cristiano is untouchable because he works as hard as anyone. In this time when we are trying to construct a team, there are fundamental principles, and he represents them all.

“The first is greed, the second and the third solidarity and discipline. Cristiano has all of these attributes. I am lucky that many players in the squad represent these, because if not, we would be dead.”

Mourinho also looked forward to facing Deportivo at the Santiago Bernabeu, adding: “The match on Sunday will be difficult for our players. Deportivo are not inferior to the teams who have seven or 10 points. Sooner or later they will start to rise up the league. It will be difficult to get the three points.”

Jose Mourinho: Real Madrid are still a team "under construction"

Coach Jose Mourinho insists that Real Madrid are still a team "under construction" and has asked the fans not to get carried away despite the 6-1 hammering of Deportivo La Coruna at the Bernabeu on Sunday evening in the Spanish Primera Division.

Los Blancos recorded their most impressive win under Mourinho to-date and are now up to third in the league standings, ahead of archrivals Barcelona, who are fourth.

However, the Portuguese believes that they still need to improve themselves and in his post-match press conference urged the Madridistas not to read too much into this win.

"We are not the best team in the world yet for having beaten Depor 6-1," Mourinho is quoted as saying by Eurosport. "We are under construction and neither the result nor the applause of the fans makes me think our work is done. "The work continues. I am very calm. We have a lot to do and a lot of work. I have the confidence of my president and I have the confidence of the board."
When asked whether the 6-1 drubbing of the Galicians at home was the perfect way to answer his critics, Mourinho said, "If you have doubts about a coach who has won what I have then you have to explain what qualities a coach should have to have the right to work in your country.
"You have to tell me if I have to have won three Champions Leagues and seven domestic league titles. I have two Champions Leagues and six domestic league titles. Is that enough to have the right to work here? If so, great. I'll continue with my work."


Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Cristiano's sense of responsibility makes him think only about winning" - Mourinho / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
Jose Mourinho gave his key to defeating Barcelona in an interview with AS .
"It is possible to neutralise Barcelona by imposing your own style. In order to defeat them you have to feel no fear and fight them in midfield."

"My Real Madrid will try to win every game and will always take risks. No one should doubt that. My Real Madrid will not be afraid to lose."

"My Chelsea scored more goals than any other team in Premiership history until last year, which saw Chelsea breaking their own record. We also won more consecutive games than anyone else."

"Cristiano Ronaldo's football upringing is British. He respects fair play. He has nothing to prove to me in a game because he shows me what he is capable of during each training session at Valdebebas. More or less goals will never make me doubt his quality because it is unquestionable. He may look too anxious, but I just think he is extremely high spirited during each game."

"Raul is a symbol and living history of Real Madrid. I believe he will return to the Club some day."


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jose Mourinho Compliments 'Friend' Sir Alex Ferguson For Developing Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has handed a compliment to his "friend" Sir Alex Ferguson for the work ethic inculcated in Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at Manchester United.

The former Chelsea boss shared a healthy rivalry with the Scot even before he worked in the Premier League, but still considers his Manchester-based counterpart a friend.

The ex-Porto and Inter manager also revealed that the pair had spoken about Ronaldo in the past, and remained impressed with the Portual international's work rate having watched the player during the club's pre-season.

"Jorge Mendes [Mourinho and Ronaldo's agent] works with me and with him and we always talk a lot about Cristiano," Mourinho told AS.

"In addition, there are few coaches that I am friends with and Sir Alex Ferguson is one of them. And I talked to him, too.

"He said that the 'lad' as he called him, had an amazing way of working. After seeing it up close, I think it is impressive for a player with the status he has that no one works harder than him.

"I had very experienced players at Inter, much older, they were examples. [Javier] Zanetti, [Ivan] Cordoba and [Marco] Materazzi showed how it was done.

"Here I have a Cristiano and, by the way he works, it is easy to demand from others what I want in regard to the dedication to work."

Switching to the prospect of bringing in new faces to the club, Mourinho maintained that he is looking add a defender and a forward to his armoury.

"Apart from signing a new defender, I also want to add another forward to the team. A new attacker would be very much welcome. I'd rather have one more forward than being short of options up front," he said.

"I currently have Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema for the striker position, while Cristiano Ronaldo could also play there. However, I prefer to give him a bit more freedom on the pitch. He's too talented to have him up front all the time."

The Portuguese tactician also shed some light on the logic behind the two attacking acquisitions that Real have made this summer.

"Pedro Leon and Angel Di Maria are the type of players we didn't have yet in our squad," said Mourinho.

"Madrid played very much through the centre of the pitch last season because of the absence of wingers. We now have two technically gifted wingers who can only get better over the coming years.

"They really add something to the team."


The Special One Aiming At A Place In Real Madrid History

Jose Mourinho told a press conference that he aims to go down in the history books of the storied club.

The Portuguese tactician has achieved tremendous success in previous positions at Porto, Chelsea and Inter, winning the Champions League twice, and he is aiming to complete a remarkable hat-trick with los Blancos.

“Real Madrid is a team that generates very high expectations,” he noted. “It is a one-of-a kind and it was named the best team of the 20th Century. I haven't been here very long, but I have already realised what this team is made of and I would like to be a part of the history of Real Madrid.”

Mourinho also spoke of the workload on the players, stating that it has been abnormally high of late.

“In football you must tire in the final minute, not at the very beginning of a match, which is what is happening to us now because of the workload,” he said. “The reason we cancelled one of the training sessions is to allow the players more time to rest.”

Meanwhile, he took time to discuss two of his Galacticos: Kaka, who is out for the first portion of the season due to injury, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who excelled in his first campaign after being made the world’s most expensive player last summer when he moved from Manchester United.

“In reference to Kaka, all that matters is that the operation was a success. There are no more questions about his situation or his recovery. As the leader of a group, I cannot waste time crying over a player. I have other players counting on me. My philosophy doesn't allow me to have any doubts or to cry. I have no doubts regarding the quality of our medical staff. I will not speak about Kaka while he is out.

“Cristiano enjoys the physical workouts and I think he will be pleased that my training methods will make him happy. On the pitch, Cristiano is Cristiano and I am sure he will have a great season playing for me.”

Any potential arrivals at the Santiago Bernabeu before the close of the transfer window must be great players according to Mourinho.

“I have everything I need, so when someone wants to give me a gift, it must be very special,” ‘Mou’ stated. “So if the president and his staff want to give me something, it must be very good. They have a month to think about it and buy it.”


Jose Mourinho: No Real Madrid Silverware This Season Would Be A Failure

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has claimed a trophyless season at the Santiago Bernabeu will be nothing less than a failure.

The former Inter Milan and Chelsea boss admits los Blancos need to get back to winning ways by picking up silverware in his first campaign.

"If we don't win the league or the Champions League [this season], it would be a failure," he told ESPN.

Rivals Barcelona have dominated La Liga in recent years, where Madrid have failed to win the Spanish league since 2007-08.

"Barcelona have a different dynamic right now, a philosophy going back a lot of years, players who have been together for many years and a coach who is approaching his third year," he continued.

"But at Madrid the most veteran player is (Iker) Casillas, who is 29, and the coach has only just arrived."

Mourinho is aware he also faces a tough campaign in Europe, coming up against teams such as Manchester United and former clubs Chelsea and Inter.

"It's the same story in the Champions League," he said. "Manchester United have a coach and a team [that have been together] for many years.

Chelsea have a structure for many years, Barcelona the same and Inter have had a structure for three years.

"They are teams that at the start of the season have a different potential, but we will try to work hard and we will give our all to get there.

"Real Madrid have a history of victories and when the club doesn't win, it's a problem."

source: ESPN

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mourinho on the present Real Madrid squad

In comments reported by Marca, new Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho spoke of the challenges he will face in his tenure at the Santiago Bernabeu and previewed some of his plans for Los Blancos in the coming season.

"I am not an anti-Barcelona plan," said Mourinho. "I am Real Madrid's coach and I am not worried about Barcelona. What is important to me is building a great Madrid. Barca are a great rival in the Champions League and domestically, but I don't want to think of Barca right now. If I am hated in Barcelona, that is not my problem."

Questioned about the composition of the team and asked whether he will try to keep more Spanish players in the team, Mourinho stated that this summer would not see as many changes as last summer.

source: /

"A club's identity has nothing to do with nationality. The club's identity is never going to change and the footballing identity is something I will develop with my players. I don't want to speak of players because when Real Madrid's coach speaks about a player, that player's price goes up €10 million more. I am happy with the basic squad from last year and we don't need dramatic changes, just three or four players to make a team with better chances of adapting to an ideal style of play. It will not be a summer to write about new signings at Real Madrid; I think it will be a bit more calm"

Taking a job at Real Madrid is one of the most high-stakes positions in football, yet Mourinho was unperturbed by the challenges that lie ahead. "I don't feel a different kind of pressure being at Real Madrid," assured the genius.

When asked about his play being too defensive, Mourinho sought to dispel the media smear campaign calling his style closed and un-entertaining. "I have played in a UEFA Cup final and two Champions League finals. We won all three and scored eight goals in the finals. When one repeats a lie, for intelligent people it remains a lie. For the rest, it becomes a truth. It's one thing how one organizes a team and a defensive scheme is another thing altogether. When a team is organised it defends well - all players are involved in attack and defense."

Asked about his role in creating controversy, Mourinho plead not guilty. "I am not a provocateur, I am a worker and I want respect. If we have respect, perfect. If not, I will defend my group without any problem."

On his philosophy for a team, he stressed: "I am a coach who adapts his philosophy to the players he has, trying to get the best out of my players. Normally, players feel valued again after their work with me. A team needs to have an equilibrium. One needs to work with and without the ball, be strong offensively and defensively, have psychological balance, and win matches. Winning matches is very important because it makes one psychologically stronger and more confident, without which it is impossible to win titles."

Mourinho was then asked about the future of club captain Raul: "I don't want to say anything about Raul because I have not yet spoken with the club. I arrived today and I have not yet done anything for Real Madrid and am not yet in the club's history. Raul is and I need to respect that. For that reason, and I need to be honest, I cannot treat him like any other player."

Asked about his personal relationship with his players, Mourinho spoke of the close bond he enjoys having between player and coach. "Football is more than a tactic or a training session. Football is played with a group of men who work together and form a family. The club is our second family. To achieve this, we need to have a lot of empathy and after that they are my players forever."

"I continue to speak with players I had at Porto and Chelsea and I speak of my players as if they were still my players. This relationship is what I want to use to bring stability to the players at Real Madrid. Sometimes I miss some of my ex-players and we have a lot of memories. I have players that have said: 'If you leave, I stop playing'."

On his top priorities at Real Madrid, Mourinho highlighted the Champions League. "The most important thing is to win the European Cup. I cannot promise that we will go far in the Champions League; football is football. What I can promise is that while Real Madrid may not finish at the top of the group, in the knockout phase lottery it will not be us that will be scared but rather our rivals who will be nervous about playing Real Madrid.

"We will play against Inter, Chelsea, or Bayern but I do not want fear in my dressing room, but rather in the opposing dressing room. Madrid has an incredibly negative history in the Champions League in recent years but now we start at zero. We will take it match by match without obsession and I like dreaming of the final at Wembley. Pressure is a factor of motivation for me that is not going to complicate my work."

Jose Mourinho : I am here because of this club's outstanding history

New Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has revealed his excitement about what lies ahead following his first day in the job, insisting he will be a success with los Blancos.

“I am very excited. Real Madrid is the perfect club for me because it is big, very ambitious and has tremendous potential,” Mourinho told the club's official website.

“I am very confident in my abilities and have high self-esteem. I believe everything will turn out for the best and that I will be very successful. I always think positively.”

Mourinho jumped ship following his unprecedented treble with Inter and went on to reveal what urged him to accept president Florentino Perez’s offer.

"I am here because of this club's outstanding history,” he said.

“Fans who go to the Bernabeu always expect the best. During the pre-season they are already thinking about the titles the team will win. Real Madrid's method of thinking is not that different than mine.”

Finally, the ‘Special One’ said he was looking forward to the challenge and that he welcomed the pressure of such a high-profile role.

"I will first put all the pressure on myself to work as hard as I can, to stay motivated and to feel the pressure. I need to have this kind of pressure. If I can be in an environment where I have this kind of pressure, even better.”


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jose Mourinho in Real Madrid

Inter coach Jose Mourinho has announced he will leave the club after delivering a historic treble by winning the Champions League in Madrid.

"My work here is done. I have made history with this club. I will find motivations in another big club. Playing against Barcelona in Spain? That would be a big challenge," he told the Rai Sport after the game.

Mourinho is leaving Italy in ways he knows best as he takes a parting shot at Calcio.

"I have been very happy at Inter, but not in the world of Italian football because I don't like all the comments from presidents, coaches and papers. But, I will always like Inter," he added.

"I want to thank Italian football because I have become a better coach for it. Now it's time for me to take a day or two to think about a new challenge in another country.

"I have given everything for this team and I feel free to make a decision on my future. I want to become the first coach to win the Champions League with three different clubs. Only Real Madrid are interested in me but I have not signed any contract yet."

And, the country and club couldn't have been clearer, especially after waving a goodbye gesture to the Nerazzurri fans inside the Bernabeu with tears rolling down his eyes.

Asked whether he would be joining Real Madrid he told Sat.1: "Yes."


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mourinho pre match video statement (skysports)

Mourinho on Barcelona - Inter second semifinal match at Camp Nou

Mourinho Statements after the Barcelona - Inter Match 28.04.2010.

I'd have to say right now that this is better than winning the Champions League. Today it was a match in which I couldn't play, because I would have left my blood.

Barcelona expected to win. They have had an incredible surprise at the San Siro. Then we understood they had fear.

When Thiago Motta was sent off, we had to change the scheme again. Obviously to reach the final it was down to who wants it more.

With Chelsea supporters I had empathy, but I have more of this with Inter's. I respect Italian football, but I'm not in love with it. In the difficult moments of the game I felt our supporters were there.

I guarantee that next year I'll be here. I always play against Barcelona, and always something happens. It's nothing new for me. I want to see our supporters welcoming us at the airport.

The refereeing? I don't want to judge. I said before the game that when players help the referee, it can have a positive reaction. When they make things difficult for him then there are problems, and this evening someone tried to complicate his job.

Mourinho on Barcelona ( second leg 28.04.2010 )

BARCELONA, Spain (AFP) - Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho claims that Barcelona have become carried away with the chance of winning the Champions League at the Bernabeu, the stadium of their arch-rivals Real Madrid.

The Italian side came out on top in the first-leg of the semi-final clash but the Barcelona team are convinced that they can overturn the 3-1 score line at the Nou Camp on Wednesday.
After their win against Xerez in La Liga at the weekend, the players wore t-shirts encouraging fans to back them ahead of the Inter match.
From the start of this season's European campaign the ambition at the Catalan club has been greater than ever to win this tournament with the final in Madrid.

"We have a team of older players, with many over 30, and we hope that we will be able to cope with the atmosphere. It is one thing, though, to follow a dream and it is another to have an obsession. For Barça it is an obsession," said Mourinho, speaking at a packed pre-match press conference.

The Portuguese coach was in typically belligerent mood, refusing to speak in Spanish to journalists and playing on Barcelona's rivalry with Real Madrid.
An indication of the high tensions was that Inter felt the need for a bodyguard to accompany Mourinho.

"A dream is more pure than an obsession, an obsession is more about pride. Barça achieved a dream winning the Champions League in Paris and Rome last year but this time it is more about Madrid and playing at the Santiago Bernabeu, this is an obsession.
"I experienced what it is like here, I have won cups - against Betis in 1997 - at the Bernabeu, where everyone was wrapped in Catalan flags I know what it is about, it is anti-Madridismo. It is an obsession.
"I can't say for me it is a personal dream (to win the Champions League) as I have won it before but I want to win it for Inter as it is more than 40 years since they got to the final.
"If I can help Mr Moratti (the Inter president), if I can help the players and if I can contribute a little bit as coach to achieve this dream then I would be very happy."
Inter will be without the suspended Dejan Stankovic but it appears that Mourinho is ready to gamble on Wesley Sneijder who has a slight thigh strain.
"We will see if he can play for 90 minutes as there is still a small problem. We have other important games in the league but I am ready to risk him as everything will be decided tomorrow," said Mourinho.
"There are 90 minutes still to be played and history is full of comebacks, it is easy to score three quick goals especially for a side like Barça," said Mourinho.
A lot of pressure has been put on the referee ahead of the match with Barca players claiming they were unfairly muscled out of the game at the San Siro. Inter midfielder Thiago Motta turned the attack on the Barca players accusing them of cheating.
"This is a very important match and I suppose they (Barcelona) are doing what they can to win the game but we are relaxed. We will try and play clean football but we are accustomed to seeing Barca players diving and so we hope that the referee does his job well. It is not only Barça that need to worry," he said.
"We know how Inter will play. They will look for space and attack and so we can't give them space. We have to help the referee as well so that it is easier for him."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God, football and Jose Mourinho!

Jose Mourinho To Replace Sir Alex Ferguson As Manchester United Manager

Sir Alex Ferguson will leave Manchester United after next season and Inter  manager Jose Mourinho will be the one that replaces him.

The Scotland native could end his legendary managerial run at Old Trafford after what would be his 25th season with United.

Ferguson, who will turn 69 in December, took United in November of 1986 and has enjoyed immense success, winning 11 Premier League titles and the Champions League twice during his time with the Red Devils.

With Ferguson set to step down United have already lined up a successor in Mourinho, according to the Daily Star.

The former Chelsea manager led Inter to a Serie A title last year and into the semi-finals of the Champions League so far this year, but the Portuguese has been yearning to return to the Premier League.

Ferguson and his United squad currently sit one point behind Chelsea with four games remaining. Should the Red Devils win another Premier League title this season it would mark Ferguson’s 12th with the club and his 19th trophy overall.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mourinho continues to boycott pre-match press conferences

ROME (AFP) - Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho will continue to boycott pre-match press conferences ahead of this weekend's crunch clash with AS Roma, his team said Thursday.

Mourinho has skipped his press appointments before and after matches for the last five Serie A encounters since he was hit with a three-game touchline ban for making a handcuffs gesture to television cameras.

The former Chelsea boss made the sign during his team's 0-0 draw at home to Sampdoria last month, after Inter had been reduced to nine men before the break.

The Portuguese's only public comments have come before and after Champions League matches.

Mourinho has been villified in the Italian press this season and a relationship of mutual animosity has developped between him and the media corps.

Now he sends players to speak to the press instead of appearing himself, such as following Wednesday's 3-0 win over Livorno when centre-back Ivan Cordoba spoke to the media.

Inter lead the Serie A table by four points from AC Milan and Roma with eight games remaining but should the champions lose in Rome on Saturday, there would only be a point between the top two.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Press conference statement:

Press conference Video


Inter going on!

LONDON (AFP) - Jose Mourinho insisted Inter Milan's 1-0 victory - 3-1 on aggregate - over his former club Chelsea in the Champions League on Tuesday was just reward for the perfect performance.

Mourinho savoured a moment of sweet revenge for his sacking as Chelsea boss in September 2007 as Samuel Eto'o's late goal at Stamford Bridge sent the Blues crashing out of Europe's elite club competition at the last 16 stage.

The Portuguese coach, who won five major trophies in three years with Chelsea, crafted a brilliant game-plan to frustrate Carlo Ancelotti's side and he admitted his Inter players carried it out to the letter.

"I am very happy because we won and we were the best team. Sometimes in football you win because you were lucky and sometimes you win because you are the best team from the first minute until the last. That is the perfect win. That team was my team," Mourinho said.

"I think everything was superior. Chelsea had reactions of frustration, of a team that felt the opposition was superior. Our team started the second half in an incredible way.

"We were the best team by far. Chelsea is a great team, we know that and we came here knowing very well the way they play. We knew that if you don't control the game by having the ball you have no chance.

"Every player performed at the highest level to win here, this must be almost a perfect performance. We deserve so much this victory, we were the best team."

Mourinho had promised not to celebrate if Inter won, but he leapt to his feet when Eto'o scored and then hurried down the tunnel at full-time to enjoy the moment with his players in the dressing room.

"I celebrated a lot in the dressing room when the game was over. It was a big victory for my team," Mourinho said.

"As I have said before, I am a professional, I love Chelsea, I love this stadium, I love these people but I am a professional.

"Who knows, in the future I may coach another English team and I will come here again as an opponent."

Ancelotti was brought to Chelsea by owner Roman Abramovich with the specific aim of ending the club's long wait to be crowned kings of Europe, but instead the Blues have bowed out in the last 16 for the first time since 2006.

The Italian has never been on good terms with Mourinho but he conceded Inter were well worth their victory and, with Abramovich perhaps in mind, he apologised for Chelsea's premature exit.

"Inter deserved to win. They played a very good game. They put strong pressure on our midfielders and we were not capable of playing how we wanted," Ancelotti said.

"We were never fully in control during the game. There were only a few moments when we could control it. I think we could play better.

"We are very sorry, but this is the reality. I am disappointed because we are out of a very important competition but I want to say best wishes to Inter because I have nothing against them or Mourinho."

The result was a tactical triumph for Mourinho but Ancelotti insisted he had not been out-witted by the Inter coach.

"I wasn't surprised by Mourinho's tactics. One thing I was surpised by was the hard work put in by the two wide players, Eto'o and Pandev," he added.

Mourinho after match Quotes 16.03.2019: hightlight quotes

Chelsea - Inter 0:1

"I celebrated a lot in the dressing room when the game was over. It was a big victory for my team. As I have said before, I am a professional, I love Chelsea, I love this stadium, I love these people but I am a professional.''

"Who knows, in the future I may coach another English team and I will come here as an opponent.''

Mourinho says his team were better than Chelsea in every aspect on the evening. "I think everything was superior'' he said. "I don't think it was tactics, it was attitude on the pitch".

"They had reactions of frustration, of a team that felt the opposition was superior. Our team started the second half in an incredible way".

"We were the best team by far. Chelsea is a great team, we know that and we came here knowing very well the way they play. We knew that if you don't control the game by having the ball you have no chance".

"Every player performed at the highest level to win here, this must be almost a perfect performance. We deserve so much this victory, we were the best team''.

About the Inter future in the Champions League, Mourinho said: "I learned that we can beat anyone because Chelsea is not just anyone - they are one of the best. We can win at any stadium, but there are eight good teams (left) in the competition, and we could lose against anyone too.''

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To be or not to be day, for Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho will lose his job at the end of this season if Inter Milan fail to progress past his former club Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League tonight, according to an Italian news agency.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is under pressure to deliver.

The source, close to Internationale, told Soccernet: "The Inter chairman, Moratti, bought Mourinho to win the Champions League, simple as that. If he loses at Chelsea, he is out, out at the end of the season.

"Inter are not paying him 11 million euros after tax just to win the league, they can do that all the time, but they cannot seem to get past the last-16 in the Champions League, and that's why they hired Jose Mourinho.

"If Inter fail again to make an impression in the Champions League they will need to find a manager who can, so that is what is at stake for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. Inter are the most powerful, financially sound and strongest club in Italy. They have won the title four years in a row, three under Roberto Mancini, and should win it again, although they have had a ten-point lead whittled down to one point.

"The Italian fans, the media, and everyone in Italy do not see Jose Mourinho as 'the Special One' - far from it, in fact.

"Don't forget in Italy we have World Cup winners, Champions League winners, and they all come without all the fuss and baggage that Jose Mourinho brings with him, so we are not besotted with Jose Mourinho as you are in England."

Mourinho is in the middle of a personal feud with one of his star players, Mario Balotelli, as the source added: "He is extremely gifted on the pitch, but he is young and moody, difficult to manage, and Jose Mourinho has left him at home. They have a longstanding feud. He was asked by the Italian media why, and he replied that he will only talk about the players who are here.

"Mourinho is not liked by the media, or by the Inter fans. Mourinho says he wants to go back to England, and much depends on what happens at Chelsea."

source: espn

Chelsea - Inter 16.03.2010

Without trying to making a hyperbolic statement, Chelsea's Champions League clash with Inter on Tuesday threatens to be the Blues' biggest game of the season.

The elusive trophy, that the west London side were a John Terry slipped penalty away from in 2008, would be the final piece in a silverware jigsaw that makes up the Stamford Bridge trophy cabinet.

And fate dictates that it should be Jose Mourinho - the former king of Stamford Bridge - who should stand in Chelsea's way of another crack at Holy Grail of the Champions League.

Mourinho's Inter side carry a lead 2-1 from the first leg of this round-of-16 clash to his former stomping ground and will be keen to remind Chelsea fans he remains the 'Special One' - while at the same time trying to mastermind a first Italian capture of the trophy since 2007.

Inter have never lifted the Champions League trophy, since its re-branding in 1992, and an aggregate victory on Tuesday night would take the bullish Portuguese manager one step closer to winning the cup the Nerazzurri last claimed in 1965 when it was the European Cup.

The first leg victory for Inter exposed woeful cracks in a previously tight Chelsea defense, with John Terry looking a shadow of his former self, and since then Chelsea have stumbled domestically, losing handsomely to Manchester City before beating weak West Ham and Stoke sides less-than-convincingly.

Those results seem to have handed the initiative back to Manchester United in the Premier League, but Blues fans would walk the Premier League trophy to Old Trafford if it meant getting a hand on the European Cup.

Taking the cup back to west London would be validation for Roman Abramovich's millions poured into the club over the past few years, but losing out to their arrogant former boss will be hard to swallow.



Third-choice goalkeeper Ross Turnbull will face the biggest test of his career when he lines up to face Inter, thanks to injuries to Petr Cech and Henrique Hilario. Turnbull was between the sticks for the 4-1 win over West Ham at the weekend and his only Champions League experience to date is a 2-2 draw with Greek minnows Apoel Nicosia.

There is better news for Blues manager Carlo Ancelotti in defense, where Ricardo Carvalho returns following a hamstring staring. Ancelotti has no fresh injury doubts elsewhere, with Michael Essien (knee), Ashley Cole (ankle), Jose Bosingwa (knee) all still sidelined for the Stamford Bridge return leg.

Last starting XI (v West Ham): Turnbull, Ferreira, Terry, Alex, Ivanovic, Malouda, Lampard, Mikel, Ballack, Drogba, Anelka.


Striker Mario Balotelli hasn't traveled with the team to London, although quite why remains a mystery to the temperamental Italian's agent. "I don't know why he has not been called up. I will find out," Mino Raiola vowed.

Meanwhile, Julio Cesar was involved in a minor car accident over the weekend but is expected to be fit to take his place in goal.

Defender Cristian Chivu is out with a fractured skull and David Santon has a knee problem, so Javier Zanetti will line up on the left side of defense.

Last starting XI (v Catania): Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Materazzi, Zanetti, Stankovic, Cambiasso, Mariga, Sneijder, Milito, Eto'o.


Chelsea's desperation to win the Champions League should see the Blues come out of the blocks strongly, roared on by a vociferous Stamford Bridge crowd. But Jose Mourinho is a man who knows what it's like to lift the trophy - having done so in 2004 with Porto - and also knows Chelsea almost as well a current boss Carlo Ancelotti does.

Chelsea's home record is impressive, but Inter know they have a simple task - stop the Blues, and more accurately Dider Drogba, from scoring and the tie is theirs.

It will be close, and it will be fiercely fought, but fortune seems to favor the Italians on this occasion.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inter - Chelsea Champions league match - Jose Mourinho quotes in croatian

Portugalac Jose Mourinho mogao je likovati nakon pobjede 2:1 u prvoj utakmici osmine finala Lige prvaka. Inter je bio bolji od Chelsea-ja.

"Startali smo od 0:0, sada je 2:1. To bi trebalo značiti da smo u prednosti, zar ne", rekao je Mourinho

"Nemojte zaboraviti da je Inter u zadnje vrijeme uvijek gubio prvu utakmicu u Ligi prvaka. Od Valencije, Liverpoola i Manchester Uniteda. Sada smo dobili, imamo zaleđe u prvih 90 minuta, ali to je samo prvo poluvrijeme. Čeka nas rješenje i odluka o svemu na Stamford Bridgeu. Isto tako, ne zaboravite da smo dobili momčad koja u zadnjih 14 utakmica Lige prvaka nije izgubila utakmicu. "

"Kontrolirali smo utakmicu. Znam da piše kako je Chelsea imao više udaraca, no osim grede Drogbe i prilike Lamparda ne sjećam se neke prave šanse Chelseaja. Mi smo ih imali malo više od njih", riječi su Portugalca uz zaključak: "Dolazak na Stamford Bridge će biti jako emotivan za mene, znam to jako dobro. No, tamo odlazim odraditi posao. Pobijediti."

"Nikada nisam izgubio na Stamford Bridgeu"

"Mourinho ne gubi na Stamford Bridgeu", progovorio je o sebi Jose Mourinho

"Jako sam sretan, naravno da jesam. Još odmah nakon ždrijeba sam isticao da kao profesionalac žarko želim pobijediti svoj bivši klub Chelsea. Želim ih pobijediti više od bilo koga drugoga"

izjavio je Mourinho

Nije se složio da je dvoboj na San Siru ponudio veliku taktičku bitku.

"Nije to bio nikakav taktički dvoboj, već tipična utakmica Lige prvaka između dva velika kluba odigrana na visokoj razini. Nismo ničime iznenadili, kao niti Chelsea. Samo smo odigrali veliku utakmicu, jedni i drugi. Igračima sam uoči dvoboja rekao:"Chelsea nije bolji od nas, samo je drukčiji. Oni imaju neke kvalitete koje mi nemamo, kao i obratno". Prema tome, mogao se očekivati rezultat 1-1, 2-1, 1-0 ili 0-1, kao i u većini utakmica u Ligi prvaka. U ovoj fazi ionako nitko nije pobijedio s dva gola razlike" – komentirao je portugalski strateg.

Mourinho nije dao precizan stav o prekršaju Interovog braniča Waltera Samuela nad Salomonom Kalouom u kaznenom prostoru domaćina u posljednjim trenucima prvog poluvremena, kod rezultata 1-0 za Inter."Događaj se zbio daleko od mene, nisam dobro vidio. A nisam još pogledao snimku na TV".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inter manager Jose Mourinho has received a three game ban and was fined 40,000 EURO after strongly criticising official persons

Jose Mourinho made "handcuffs" gesture after Inter's players Samuel and Cordoba were sent off and Samuel Eto'o got yellow card against Sampdoria.

The gesture has been interpreted as a way of suggesting his side have been victimised by referees in Serie A.

Mourinho had also insulted the officials at half-time on the way to the dressing room.

Samuel and Cordoba were both sent off in the first half of the match, while Eto'o was booked for allegedly diving.

When Eto'o received the yellow card, Mourinho sparked and while laughing he made the handcuffs gesture in front of photographers and TV cameras.

Mourinho - did not speak to the media after the match against Sampdoria.

Serie A officials said the punishment came after Mourinho had "repeatedly challenged the officials, especially by mimicking handcuffs with his wrists and arms crossed, and faced the crowds and television cameras... Also, he insulted the referee and his assistants in the tunnel and also repeatedly insulted officials."

"Each time there are over-the-top gestures or comments it creates exasperation," Italian Football Association president Giancarlo Abete told Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport's website.

"This is a delicate phase of the season, we need respect for everyone else because over-excited football is no good."

Defenders Samuel and Cordoba received one-game bans for their dismissals but their Inter team-mates Esteban Cambiasso and Sulley Muntari were given two-match bans for off-the-field incidents in the fiery encounter.

Cambiasso was punished for trying to punch an opposition player in the tunnel at half-time, while Muntari swore at the fourth official.

Inter are five points ahead of Roma at the top of the Serie A.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mourinho wants respect!

Inter has beaten Juventus 2-1 in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup competition (Coppa Italia), but coach Jose Mourinho has come out and defended his team counterpart Ciro Ferrara.

Ferrara is seemingly on his way out at the Turin giants, but the 'Special One' has called for some respect to be shown towards the former defender.

"We are men, and have families. It is not good what he is currently going through," Mourinho stated to Rai. "There is a lot of discussion about who will replace him, Zaccheroni, Benitez, but he deserves respect. In this moment in time, no-one respects him."

As for how the match played out, the Inter boss admits that it was tough until the first Nerazzurri goal was scored. But after that, it all became easier.

"The team started well during the match, but then Juventus scored early," he said. "We remained calm, and tried to forget what happened at the end of the first half."

"With Milito on, we played better. We knew that we were playing better than our opposition, and once the first goal was scored, it all became easier. It was a victory that was well-deserved," concluded Mourinho.

The Beneamata will now take on Fiorentina in the semi-finals.


Monday, January 11, 2010

I Pondered My First Home Defeat In Eight Years, says Mourinho

After watching his Inter side pull off a great escape to defeat Siena 4-3 after having twice gone behind to the Tuscan outfit, coach Jose Mourinho heaped praise on the Nerazzurri’s character.

“Malesani and I had a chat after the game. One was super happy because he just won a game that was lost and the other vice versa because his side played great but were leaving with nothing,” he declared to SkySports.

“I thought at first glance our free kick was non-existent, but Wesley stuck it away with a great strike.

“Today our side was at all sorts and I was given a massive blow after half time with the injury to Stankovic on his re-entry onto the pitch.

“We wanted to play the diamond but simply didn’t have the personnel to do so. Siena were better than us. They had a great counter attack and caused on numerous problems.

“At 3-2 I was pondering my first home defeat in eight years against Malesani’s Siena, and I thought at least it will come against a coach I like.

“What I must say however is that my men showed an incredible character to come back like that and win the game. I feel extremely sorry for Siena as they didn’t deserve to lose but unfortunately these things can happen in football.”

Mourinho will have to go to court

ROME (AFP) - Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho looks set to face a penalty for insulting a journalist after the Football League referred his case to the sporting justice disciplinary committee.

Following Inter's 1-1 draw at Atalanta in December, Mourinho allegedly screamed abuse at Corriere dello Sport journalist Andrea Ramazzotti.

Ramazzotti had strayed into a restricted area to listen in to interviews the official Inter TV Channel were conducting with players after the game.

According to press reports, Mourinho, who later claimed he had told Ramazzotti several times before not to come into that area beside the club's team coach, swore at the reporter.

Corriere, alongside several other major Italian newspapers boycotted Mourinho's next press conference in protest.

Mourinho is accused of having violated article 1 of the sporting justice code by "using hurtful language towards sports journalist Andrea Ramazzotti" and of having "grabbed him by the forearms".

Inter have also been called before the sporting justice to explain their employee's actions.

Mourinho has often found himself in hot water this season in Italy, twice being sent-off and serving one-match touchline bans.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vieira leave Inter, Mourinho wishes him good luck

ROME (AFP) - Patrick Vieira's departure from Inter Milan was confirmed on Wednesday after coach Jose Mourinho said the French midfield veteran had played his "last game" for the Italian champions.

Vieira, who is being tipped to join Manchester City, was given a rare start for Inter because of several absences in midfield.

The Serie A champions beat Chievo 1-0 thanks to a Mario Balotelli goal in the 12th minute to stretch their lead over city rivals AC Milan to 11 points.

"Today we had a few problems but I have a team full of professionals who went out and did a remarkable job," Mourinho told Sky Sport.

"I should have good words to say about everybody but the only person I want to talk about is Vieira, who has played his last match for us.

"He had an impeccable game. It was the perfect farewell to us, and I want to wish him all the best for his new career."

Vieira, 33, has had a shaky past three seasons at Inter Milan and, now on the fringes of the France team, he is desperate for first team football to boost his chances of featuring in Raymond Domenech's World Cup squad.

Reports this week suggested City have been in talks with Inter over signing Vieira, who has also had the rule run over him by former French champions Lyon.

Mourinho said he believes Vieira, who at the end of the match hugged several of his team-mates, was definitely returning to the English Premier League.

"He hasn't said a word to anybody but he has mentioned the English Premier League," added the Portuguese.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, who coached Inter when Vieira first arrived following a year with Juventus, said on Monday he was interested in taking the former Arsenal midfielder on loan till the end of the season.