Monday, August 31, 2009

Mourinho happy

Mourinho Wants More Of The Same From Inter Against Barcelona

Inter coach Jose Mourinho commented on the 4-0 win against Milan in tonight's derby.Following the spectacular 4-0 victory against Milan in tonight's derby, Inter coach Jose Mourinho was obviously satisfied, but stressed that the team need to show what they're made of in the Champions League debut against Barcelona."Today both sides gave each the initiative, both teams are strong when given space," he said toTuttoMercatoWeb."Football is nice because when you win everything is well and when you lose everything is bad. If we'd lost they would have killed me for playing [Wesley] Sneijder, but I knew I would've let him play for the last 24 hours."Yesterday I said we have more potential than last year, we are more balanced, but we need to work hard because we are playing in a new way. Having four points is positive."This team needs to play the ball with its characteristics, the match against Barcelona will tell us who we are also in the Champions League. I tell [Milan coach] Leonardo to stay confident, life goes on."Source: author: Danilo Pochini

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