Monday, January 11, 2010

I Pondered My First Home Defeat In Eight Years, says Mourinho

After watching his Inter side pull off a great escape to defeat Siena 4-3 after having twice gone behind to the Tuscan outfit, coach Jose Mourinho heaped praise on the Nerazzurri’s character.

“Malesani and I had a chat after the game. One was super happy because he just won a game that was lost and the other vice versa because his side played great but were leaving with nothing,” he declared to SkySports.

“I thought at first glance our free kick was non-existent, but Wesley stuck it away with a great strike.

“Today our side was at all sorts and I was given a massive blow after half time with the injury to Stankovic on his re-entry onto the pitch.

“We wanted to play the diamond but simply didn’t have the personnel to do so. Siena were better than us. They had a great counter attack and caused on numerous problems.

“At 3-2 I was pondering my first home defeat in eight years against Malesani’s Siena, and I thought at least it will come against a coach I like.

“What I must say however is that my men showed an incredible character to come back like that and win the game. I feel extremely sorry for Siena as they didn’t deserve to lose but unfortunately these things can happen in football.”


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