Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mourinho after match Quotes 16.03.2019: hightlight quotes

Chelsea - Inter 0:1

"I celebrated a lot in the dressing room when the game was over. It was a big victory for my team. As I have said before, I am a professional, I love Chelsea, I love this stadium, I love these people but I am a professional.''

"Who knows, in the future I may coach another English team and I will come here as an opponent.''

Mourinho says his team were better than Chelsea in every aspect on the evening. "I think everything was superior'' he said. "I don't think it was tactics, it was attitude on the pitch".

"They had reactions of frustration, of a team that felt the opposition was superior. Our team started the second half in an incredible way".

"We were the best team by far. Chelsea is a great team, we know that and we came here knowing very well the way they play. We knew that if you don't control the game by having the ball you have no chance".

"Every player performed at the highest level to win here, this must be almost a perfect performance. We deserve so much this victory, we were the best team''.

About the Inter future in the Champions League, Mourinho said: "I learned that we can beat anyone because Chelsea is not just anyone - they are one of the best. We can win at any stadium, but there are eight good teams (left) in the competition, and we could lose against anyone too.''

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