Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mourinho on Barcelona - Inter second semifinal match at Camp Nou

Mourinho Statements after the Barcelona - Inter Match 28.04.2010.

I'd have to say right now that this is better than winning the Champions League. Today it was a match in which I couldn't play, because I would have left my blood.

Barcelona expected to win. They have had an incredible surprise at the San Siro. Then we understood they had fear.

When Thiago Motta was sent off, we had to change the scheme again. Obviously to reach the final it was down to who wants it more.

With Chelsea supporters I had empathy, but I have more of this with Inter's. I respect Italian football, but I'm not in love with it. In the difficult moments of the game I felt our supporters were there.

I guarantee that next year I'll be here. I always play against Barcelona, and always something happens. It's nothing new for me. I want to see our supporters welcoming us at the airport.

The refereeing? I don't want to judge. I said before the game that when players help the referee, it can have a positive reaction. When they make things difficult for him then there are problems, and this evening someone tried to complicate his job.

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