Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Cristiano's sense of responsibility makes him think only about winning" - Mourinho / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
Jose Mourinho gave his key to defeating Barcelona in an interview with AS .
"It is possible to neutralise Barcelona by imposing your own style. In order to defeat them you have to feel no fear and fight them in midfield."

"My Real Madrid will try to win every game and will always take risks. No one should doubt that. My Real Madrid will not be afraid to lose."

"My Chelsea scored more goals than any other team in Premiership history until last year, which saw Chelsea breaking their own record. We also won more consecutive games than anyone else."

"Cristiano Ronaldo's football upringing is British. He respects fair play. He has nothing to prove to me in a game because he shows me what he is capable of during each training session at Valdebebas. More or less goals will never make me doubt his quality because it is unquestionable. He may look too anxious, but I just think he is extremely high spirited during each game."

"Raul is a symbol and living history of Real Madrid. I believe he will return to the Club some day."


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