Monday, October 4, 2010

Mourinho on Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has insisted star player Cristiano Ronaldo is “untouchable” and that there is no harder working player than the Portuguese.

CR7 has came under heavy criticism this season for his lack of finesse in front of goal, with los Blancos stumbling to 0-0 draws versus Mallorca and Levante so far in their league campaign.

However, speaking to journalist’s yesterday evening, the Portuguese coach defended his player, saying: “There are players who are untouchable. Cristiano is untouchable because he works as hard as anyone. In this time when we are trying to construct a team, there are fundamental principles, and he represents them all.

“The first is greed, the second and the third solidarity and discipline. Cristiano has all of these attributes. I am lucky that many players in the squad represent these, because if not, we would be dead.”

Mourinho also looked forward to facing Deportivo at the Santiago Bernabeu, adding: “The match on Sunday will be difficult for our players. Deportivo are not inferior to the teams who have seven or 10 points. Sooner or later they will start to rise up the league. It will be difficult to get the three points.”


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